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Applying For Certification

To apply, an applicant completes an application form and, together with all supporting documentation, and a non-refundable application fee, submits it to the BCRSP for processing. The application form requires details concerning formal education, professional development and related experience. In addition, a reference questionnaire and practice questionnaire must be completed by individuals who have a sound knowledge of the applicant's work performance. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all information is submitted with the application along with the required documentation.

Application Form

The applicant is cautioned not to proceed with application submission unless the minimum eligibility requirements are met.  The application fee of $525.00 + GST/HST is non-refundable.

Ensure that the persons selected to complete the questionnaires are aware of the necessity to complete and forward the forms accurately and promptly as failure to receive all of the questionnaires will delay the registration process.


Original transcripts should be sent directly to BCRSP from the academic institution. Transcripts can be sent to:

ATTN: Applications
6700 Century Ave Suite 100
Mississauga, ON  L5N 6A4