Insurance Program

The Board is pleased to be able to offer several insurance benefits to certificants through our insurance partner, PROLINK Insurance Inc. Some of the options currently available are as follows:

Professional Liability

Errors & Omissions Insurance generally covers the "cost, charges, and expenses" in the event of litigation against an insured member due to the commitment of, or an alleged, "wrongful act" or unintended mistake. The term "cost, charges, and expenses" includes, but is not limited to, legal, accounting, adjusting or investigating expenses, incurred for the defence of actions, suits, or proceedings and appeal, attachment and similar bonds, as well as payment of a court awarded settlement against the insured.

Commercial General Liability Option

This coverage is also known as Comprehensive Business Liability or Operational Liability Insurance. It covers your general business activities such as visits and meetings with customers, libel and slander, advertising, etc... and should be considered as the foundation of your Liability insurance. Most contracts with Governments and large corporations now require that you have this coverage in place and the trend is increasing rapidly. When you consider the cost of your coverage to be close to that of a two hour legal consultation, it is a definite bargain!

Group Benefit Program 

Certificants have access to comprehensive coverage at significantly discounted rates. Flexible coverage options available for individuals, couples, lone parents and families. Benefits include Health & Dental, Member Assistance Plan, Life, AD&D and Disability Insurance.


These plans offer a full line of disability insurance products to replace personal income, cover office overhead expenses or provide funding for the buy out of a shareholder with a disability's interest in the business. The average member will realize a savings of 25%.

Home & Auto Insurance 

The average member will realize a savings of between 5% and 25% on their premiums! Is saving money a benefit to you? This plan includes coverage for your Homes, Automobiles, Recreational Vehicles, Condominiums, Cottages/Chalets and Rented Dwellings.