How do I Become Certified?

A frequently asked question by potential applicants is “What do I have to do to become certified?”  Regardless of which BCRSP certification you are applying for, there are several stages to go through before achieving certification. The stages are: 

  1. Determine Your Eligibility
  2. Submit a Certification Application
  3. BCRSP Qualifications Review
  4. BCRSP Peer-Interview (for CRSP® certification only)
  5. Sit for a BCRSP certification examination
  6. Board Approval
  7. Ethics Declaration & Initial Certification Fee
  8. Recertification and Annual Renewal

Certification Stages

Determine Your Eligibility

Individuals considering applying for a BCRSP certification must first review the eligibility criteria for the certification to determine your eligibility. You need to consider whether you meet the academic, professional development (if applicable) and experience requirements. View the certification comparison chart for information on eligibility requirements.

Certification Comparison

Submit a Certification Application

When you are ready to apply for certification, complete the appropriate certification application form and submit along with all documentation requested and the application fee. The application fee is $525.00 plus applicable HST/GST and is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Be sure you have reviewed the eligibility requirements before you apply. 

Start the certification process.

BCRSP Qualifications Review

Once the completed application, all applicable documentation, and payment have been submitted to the BCRSP, your application will be reviewed by a member of the Qualifications Review team. The QR process evaluates the documentation presented by an applicant and conducts an assessment of eligibility.

BCRSP Peer-Interview (for CRSP® certification only)

If you are applying for the CRSP® certification, your file may be selected for interview. If you are selected for interview, you will be interviewed by Regional Screening Committee volunteer(s) at a mutually agreed upon time and location. (Interviews are typically arranged in person in the major cities in Canada, and by teleconference or web conference if you are outside of a major centre, or internationally located. 

Sit for a BCRSP Certification Examination

If you are approved to proceed to the certification examination, you must successfully pass the prescribed examination in order to be eligible for certification.

Learn more about the certification examinations

Board Approval

Upon successful completion of a BCRSP Examination, a candidate will be recommended for approval to the BCRSP Governing Board. Certification is not granted until the Board has approved the list of candidates.

Ethics Declaration and Initial Certification Fee

Once the Governing Board has approved the recommended candidates, the candidate must return a signed and witnessed declaration to the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, and submit the initial certification fee. Once the declaration and fees are processed by the BCRSP office, the certificate of registration is issued. 

Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct

Recertification and Annual Renewal

All certificants must adhere to the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Program, and they are required to submit evidence of ongoing professional development and other activities in a five year cycle. Annually, certificants must pay a renewal fee to maintain their certification. Failure to pay annual fees, or adhere to the CPD program will result in a certification being revoked. 

Learn more about the CPD program requirements