5 Reasons to Obtain a BCRSP Certification

5 Reasons to Obtain a BCRSP Certification with an image of letter blocks spelling safety arranged in a vertical column

As an occupational health and safety (OHS) professional or OHS technician, you have many options and choices when it comes to your career path. Only you can make the choice to pursue a professional certification. We think it is a great decision, and here’s why:

Competitive Advantage

When you hold a professional certification, it can differentiate you from others in the field and demonstrates your commitment to professional growth and life-long learning. This can set you apart whether it is for a job opportunity or procurement bidding process. 

Increase Earning Potential

BCRSP Salary Survey’s have consistently demonstrated that BCRSP certification holders earn more than their non-certified counterparts. Earn what you are worth.

Establish Professional Credibility & Trust

BCRSP’s Value of Certification survey (BCRSP, 2011) indicated that certified professionals have a sense of enhanced professional credibility. Being able to call yourself a CRSP or CRST comes with a sense of pride and demonstrates the high standard you hold yourself to. Knowing that you meet and exceed industry standards can help build trust within the workplace and with clients. 

Keep Up to Date

Achieving certification is not just about passing a test. The certification mark is a sign that you hold yourself to a professional code of ethics and are committed to life-long learning. Maintaining your certification through ongoing professional development ensures you are always learning and staying up to date with changes and emerging technologies and practices.  

Walk the Talk

As an OHS leader, you recognize the importance of ensuring qualified individuals possess the appropriate knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform a task. The safety profession is no different and holding a BCRSP certification is a sign that you have demonstrated your knowledge, skills, and abilities and are qualified to give OHS advice. 

Not convinced? See what your peers say about a BCRSP certification: 

The CRSP certification sets apart practitioners from professionals, which in today's increasingly competitive world is one of the elements that can set an individual apart from the field. Now in a more senior role within my own organization, we continue to ask for and support our staff in pursuing their certification. It adds to both our organizational and to individual professionalism and credibility. Paul Andre, CRSP, CEO, Workplace Safety North

To me, holding a CRSP designation is ultimately about continuing to improve my leadership and knowing I have the competencies required to influence others to make good decisions to improve workplace health and safety. Dale Shafer, CRSP, Director HSE Management Systems, Hydro One.

BCRSP certifications are ISO/IEC 17024 accredited by Standards Council of Canada.