BCRSP Digital Badge Program

BCRSP Digital Badges

The Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professional (BCRSP) has implemented web-enabled credentials called badges, for individuals who have earned the Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP)® certification or the Canadian Registered Safety Technician (CRST) certification.

The digital badges are secure digital representations of a BCRSP credential—the certified individual’s achievement, enhanced with a standardized set of metadata that when clicked leads to verification of the certification, qualifications and the process required to earn it. The badge can be embedded on a résumé, email, personal website, and social and professional networking websites, including Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Displaying an open badge across several platforms offers employers and others a single-click access to verify and evaluate the individuals’ certification. 

“BCRSP certifications are recognized and respected globally; however, the BCRSP understands that communicating one’s certification in an ever-expanding on-line marketplace can be challenging,” says Nikki Wright, CAE, Executive Director of the BCRSP. “Digital badges offer an efficient method for current and potential employers to validate a certification, and also give certificants a simple and effective opportunity to enhance their recognition in an increasingly on-line world.”

BCRSP has partnered with Acclaim by Credly to provide certificants with a digital version of their BCRSP certification.  Acclaim by Credly is a badging platform that provides a web-enabled version of the BCRSP certification that can be shared on-line and a trusted method for real-time credential verification. 

The BCRSP recognizes the importance employers and recruiters place on professional certification. The digital badge is another tool employers can use to verify the certification status of an individual. Clicking the image of the badge, provides additional assurance that the individual’s certification status is in good standing.

Put the power of social media to use in promoting your verified BCRSP certification. 

Displaying a Digital Badge

It took time, effort and dedication to earn a BCRSP certification. Take credit for your achievement in a way that will make the most impact in today’s digital world. BCRSP has partnered with Acclaim by Credly to offer certificants:

  • a web-enabled version of a BCRSP certification that can be shared with employers and peers online
  • a trusted method for real-time certification verification

The BCRSP Governing Board unanimously supported the adoption of the digital badging technology as it will enable certificants to provide employers, HR departments, procurement departments or contractors with one-click proof of their certification. It also will educate those who review the verification about the BCRSP certification process and what is involved in obtaining certification. 

The BCRSP digital badge provides certificants with an opportunity to acknowledge their personal achievement, and promote awareness of the certification to a wider audience of contacts, recruiters, and employers.

All practicing certificants have been issued their badge which is available in English or French. (Certificants in Quebec are automatically issued both versions of the badge. If you have received an English badge only and would like to obtain a French version, please contact the BCRSP office at info@bcrsp.ca.)

You can add a BCRSP digital badge to your LinkedIn Profile, Facebook Page, Twitter account, email or personal website to validate your professional & technical expertise.

Anyone can verify your BCRSP certification by clicking on your badge.

As a consultant I’ve always promoted my CRSP certification to clients as one way to demonstrate my skills and knowledge. The digital badge is another way to recognize my achievement, and establish my credentials. Verification of certification is available on the BCRSP website, but I see the potential for the digital badge to be a more direct way to acknowledge and promote the CRSP/PSAC certification.  Yvonne O’Reilly, CRSP, O’Reilly Consulting

Using A Digital Badge

  • If linking to social media, select the option to post and customize the post, for example, you can include the BCRSP twitter handle (@bcrsp) and a link to the BCRSP press release
  • View the Credly video on how to embed the badge into your digital signature and resize the badge within your email 
  • Share the BCRSP press release with your employer and HR departments so they are aware of this new verification tool
  • If you are hiring, ask certificants for their verification. If you see someone claiming to be a certificant that has not displayed a verifiable badge, be sure to check with the BCRSP regarding the validity of their certification
  • If working with job specifiers/recruiters, provide information to them on the value of the digital badge
  • Ask to see the digital badge as verification of a BCRSP certification – when hiring, when selecting contractors/consultants, etc.
  • Share your feedback with BCRSP

To view the digital badge platform and badge images, click here

Your BCRSP badge is based on Mozilla’s open badges standards and connects a digital image with unique metadata about your certification. If you are interested in learning more about the technology behind your badge, visit: http://openbadges.org/

  • Certificants receive an email notifying you to claim your badge at our partner Credly's website.
  • Click the link in that email.
  • Create an account on the Credly site.
  • Claim your badge.
  • Start sharing. Your badge can be shared on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Email or on a Website.

A badge is a digital way to represent your certification achievement.

If you have issues with your badge (i.e. you don't receive a badge, you delete a badge and need to have it reissued), contact BCRSP Customer Service.

If you have any questions about how to navigate the Credly platform, visit https://support.credly.com/hc/en-us/requests/new