Bring Value to Your Employer with a BCRSP Certification

If you are thinking about becoming certified as a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) or Canadian Registered Safety Technician (CRST), you have likely considered the cost of certification as part of the decision. 

While it is no doubt a worthwhile investment in yourself and your professional growth, your employer will also see the benefit. To help potential certificants make a request to their employer, we have created a template that outlines some of the key reasons why your employer should consider supporting certification.


It is well known that companies benefit greatly when they invest in their employees, and certification is an investment that pays off. Many employers who support certification agree that it inspires high standards among their employees, and BCRSP’s Value of Certification study (BCRSP, 2011) found that certification is an indicator of professional growth, enhanced professional credibility, and evidence of professional commitment. For the employer, a satisfied employee means increased engagement and productivity, and improved efficiency and customer satisfaction. It also signals to your customers and competitors that you maintain a high standard of excellence. 

Writing a formal letter to your manager informing them of your interest in becoming certified is a great way to start the conversation and position your ask. In addition to the information in the letter, you should consider:

  • Are you asking your employer to pay for some or all? Up front or reimburse upon success? 
  • ​When will you prepare for the examination - during work hours, or on your own time?
  • How will you measure success? Is earning certification part of your development goals? 
  • Think about why certification will benefit your employer. And once certified what impact will that have?

And remember, that once you earn your certification, share your success with your employer who supported you. You are ideally positioned to mentor others through the process - be sure to pay it forward. We've also put together some ideas for your employer on how they can recognize your achievement.