OHS Post-Secondary Program Accreditation

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Accreditation of OHS Post-Secondary Education Programs

In 2018, a task force was created through an initial collaboration of BCRSP and CSSE to develop a framework for occupational health and safety program accreditation, including standards, processes, structure, and priorities.

In 2021, BCRSP contracted with Facilitated Improvement for Corporate Success, Inc. to facilitate the development of the accreditation program. An accreditation program will benefit the profession in a vital way by increasing the credibility of the Occupational Health and Safety profession and by increasing the consistency of Occupational Health and Safety education across the country. 

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is the time-limited approval granted by a non-governmental agency of an educational program or institution offering services according to defined standards. 

Right now, we are developing a nationwide standard for Occupational Health and Safety education and we want your input.

What is the OHS Education Accreditation Standard?

  • The standard includes requirements that demonstrate the delivery of a quality OHS education program. 
  • Standard requirements allow education programs to evaluate the quality and credibility of their education.
  • With respect to the independence and competence of OHS education programs, the standard is not prescriptive, it is flexible and allows for uniqueness between programs.
  • Requirements indicate what needs to be in place to achieve quality learning outcomes and it is up to education programs to determine how they will arrive at those outcomes.
  • The draft standard includes eight foundational sections concerning:
    • Leadership and administration
    • Program Information and Admissions
    • Facilities and Learning Resources
    • Student Services and Support
    • Human Resources
    • Curriculum 
    • Student Assessment
    • Quality improvement and Evaluation
  • When an education program is accredited, it will mean that they have shown us that they meet the standard.  
  • Students can be assured that they will receive a quality education in an accredited program.

What is the National Consultation?

  • The National Consultation is a process whereby we listen to your suggestions concerning the standard, and incorporate your good ideas into the requirements.
  • We will consider all of the feedback gathered from across Canada, and integrate improvements that make sense.
  • When the final version is ready, the development of the standard will continue through the evaluation process, including piloting the standard at a select number of OHS education programs across the country. 
  • Participate in the National Consultation, click here