National Education Symposium

The National Education Symposium (NES) is hosted every second year by the BCRSP and is a two-day symposium for program coordinators, managers, directors, administrators, curriculum developers, instructors and representatives from Canadian educational institutions offering occupational health and safety studies at a post secondary undergraduate, graduate, continuing education and distance learning environments.

NES Objectives include: 

  • Developing a network to foster continuing dialogue between the BCRSP and academic institutions through the sharing of ideas, concerns, and solutions to challenges facing students in OHS programs.
  • Reviewing the Examination Blueprint to enhance content awareness and understanding.
  • Finding commonalities by identifying core subject matter essential to the development of sound OHS practices and principles.
  • Exploring new trends and opportunities to address a changing global marketplace and the integration of OHS programs.
  • Recognizing the need to modify existing methods of professional development to meet the changing profile of the Canadian work force.

Please contact the BCRSP office for information on future NES programming.