Guide to Acting as an Expert Witness

The Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) has produced a Guide to Acting as an Expert Witness to:

  • Help Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CRSPs) who may be called to act as expert witnesses to understand that role,
  • Describe the process of being an expert witness, and
  • Help members of the public understand what they can expect of a CRSP as an expert witness.

The Guide to Acting as an Expert Witness is not intended to prescribe the process or establish a standard for being an expert witness. Certificants should always exercise their professional judgement in providing occupational health and safety (OHS) expertise in any capacity.

These guidelines should not be interpreted as legal advice.

Different laws/principles may apply in different jurisdictions and it is highly recommended that certificants seek legal guidance from a lawyer qualified in the jurisdiction that one is being asked to be an expert witness in.

To download a copy: