Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Program

Continuous Professional Development Program

All individuals certified by the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals are required to adhere to the mandatory Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Program (formerly called the Certification Maintenance Program (CMP)). This program ensures that certificants keep pace with changes affecting professional OHS practice. 


CPD Submissions

Certificants can use the "MY CPD Portfolio" found in the BCRSP profile for tracking and submission of CPD activities. If you have added all your CPD activities and have met the requirement for your cycle, and are ready to submit your CPD activities to BCRSP for review, go to Submit and Finish in Clarus.

Mandatory Ethics Course Requirement

Every BCRSP certificant is expected to practice ethical behavior to the best of their abilities. Every certificate commits to do this by adhering to the BCRSP Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct. In addition, each certificant is required to complete at least 2 hours of ethics training during each CPD cycle. 

In order to assist training providers develop courses acceptable to BCRSP, an Ethics Program and Provider Standard has been developed (see below). Course providers must submit their course for approval by the BCRSP on the Ethics Program and Provider Standard Application Form (see below) along with the specified documentation.

List of Approved Ethics Course Providers

Updated as of May 27 2021

BCRSP Ethics Course Providers
Provider Contact Format Website Approval Date
Alberta Construction Safety Association - Communications & Ethics for the Safety Leader Contact Classroom or Online Website March 23 2021
Lambton College Contact Online Website March 6 2020
New Wave OH&S Services Stewart Sampson Classroom or Online Website April 7 2020
Telos Training Contact Online Website July 29, 2021
University of Alberta Faculty of Extension, EXOS 4643 Ethics and Professional Practice Contact Classroom or Online Website January 27 2021
University of Calgary, ADL 213 Ethics for Professional Practice Contact Online Website May 27 2021


Guidance for CPD Providers

Event Providers or Sponsors are not obligated to communicate the CM credit for an educational event. However, doing so makes the event more attractive to certificants. Providers should communicate their events in terms of technical contact hours or CEUs (BCRSP recommends using the IACET system). BCRSP suggests the language below for event communication purposes.

Event Providers must not imply that BCRSP has approved or endorsed an event. 

Previously awarded CM credit by BCRSP Hours Known? Suggested Language
No Yes This event contains XX technical hours and may be eligible for BCRSP CPD points. See the BCRSP website at for CPD point criteria
------ No This event may be eligible for BCRSP CPD points. See the BCRSP web site at for CPD criteria
Yes Yes BCRSP has previously awarded CPD points for this event. The current contains XX technical hours and may be eligible for BCRSP CPD points. See the BCRSP web site at for CPD point criteria.

BCRSP uses the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) Continuing Education Unit (CEU) standard.

This standard equates 1 CEU to 10 contact/learning hours.

This change will make it simpler to calculate hours, and simplifies the point claim for shorter courses whereby a 4-hour course is equivalent of .4 CEUs, an 8 hour course is .8 CEUs, etc.)

Includes but is not limited to presentations, lectures, break outs, Q&A, exams, event overview, event recaps, and discussions.

Excludes the non-technical portions: e.g., generic welcome speeches, participant introductions, breaks, meals, networking, exhibitor time, roundtables or discussions with unspecified topics, social tours.