Seneca College Field Placement Request

Seneca College has a Workplace Safety and Prevention (WSP) program. WSP is a two-year diploma program developed to meet the growing needs of industry and graduate students with a strong foundational knowledge in health and safety. The program is designed to assist students in identifying, assessing, and managing risks in a variety of work environments with a focus on policies and procedures in care and prevention practice. The program curriculum prepares students for placement in a variety of occupations including all major employment sectors and within the public sector.

They are looking for work placements that could offer students the opportunity to apply the concepts and theories learned in the classroom in a practical real-world setting. Providing experiences that would allow students the opportunity to immerse themselves into the profession. The intent is that students will gain some observational and practical experience that will better prepare them to excel for the remainder of the program and help prepare them to join the workforce on completion of their studies ready to work with employers and address workplace health and safety. 

Students will be entering their third semester and will have completed two previous semesters of Occupational Health and Safety Courses. Placements run for 14 weeks starting in September. Students attend their placements on Thursdays and Fridays.

If your organization can assist in providing field placements to these students, please reach out to Christie Thomas at

For more information about this program, please click here.