Qualified External Auditor Opportunity for the Occupational Standard of Excellence

Are you interested in becoming a qualified external auditor for the Occupational Standard of Excellence (OSSE, or COR for BC Manufacturers)? 

A Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC external auditor is a health and safety professional trained and qualified by the Alliance to assess the occupational health and safety management systems for large employers. External auditors are independent consultants selected and paid by companies working on completing or maintaining their OSSE certification. 

We offer a 5-day Certified OSSE External Auditor course to CRSPs interested in qualifying as an external auditor. This course will prepare participants to conduct audits for large employer OSSE certification or re-certification. 

This program is for you if: 

  • Are CRSP designated 

  • Have completed a one-year OHS certificate program 

  • Have a minimum of three years of employment as an OHS professional 

  • Are knowledgeable of BC OHS legislation and guidelines 

  • Have a valid BC driver’s license

If you are interested in joining this team of external auditors or would like more information, please contact osse@safetyalliancebc.ca or visit https://safetyalliancebc.ca/course/certified-osse-external-auditor/.