In My Own Words - Sarah Frank, CRSP

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Sarah Frank, CRSP

In 2014 while at the University of Alberta and completing my Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety. This is where a professor asked us who was writing their ‘CRSP Designation’. Hearing about this was new to me and several people in the class. The health and safety profession was just becoming recognized in the Province and education and designations were something that was required to advance your career at this time. Health and safety is my dream career and I knew this is what would set me apart from others in the industry.

A career as a health and safety generalist can sometimes be underestimated. We are the link between the employer and the employee. It is considered that we are responsible for people's lives and the company's livelihood! Having a good education and experience is needed to make ethically sound decisions. The CRSP Designation is what sets a professional apart from a practitioner. It helps hiring managers to know they are hiring a distinguished professional.

I have always been told that passing the exam is ‘one of the hardest things that you will do’. I focused for years on furthering my education and gaining experience in various industries. Reviewing statistics of pass rates, study time, and hearing stories from others deterred me for years. Despite getting a Diploma in Health and Safety Management and several Certificates in Ergonomics, Disability Management, and Leadership I knew I was ready but I was too scared to fail at the one thing I wanted the most.

For Christmas, my spouse got me a study guide and supported me in my journey to write the exam in 2022. I worked hard for the next ten (10) months. I spent hours studying evenings and weekends in addition to having a family and full-time job. See, the exam is meant to be hard. That is what separates a practitioner from a professional. You have to work hard to achieve the Designation and have enough education and experience to support the critical thinking of the exam.

My advice to others is that if you want to obtain your CRSP designation, go for it. Be aware that you will need to work hard, but receiving the CRSP certificate and adding those four letters behind your name will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your career!