In My Own Words - Matt McInnes, CRSP

Headshot of Matthew McInnes CRSP
Matthew McInnes, CRSP

Why did you decide to pursue a BCRSP Certification?

When I started my career in safety, I was unsure of where it would take me. I was lucky that I had a mentor who was kind enough to take the time to introduce me to all things safety. When that mentor discussed education and certification, they usually spoke in reverence of becoming a “CRISP.”
How did you find out about the certification?

Once I figured out that a CRISP was in fact a CRSP, I started noticing the initials following the names of those who I looked up to in the industry. It was clear that this was a path to longevity in a safety career.

How long have you had your certification and why do you still maintain it?

I received my certification in 2017 so it still seems fresh and exciting to me, yet in that time it has proven vital in securing the positions and roles that really interest me. Also, the CRSP certification is increasingly becoming a requirement for many other roles and certifications such as auditing certifications and higher-level safety positions.
If you could give some advice to someone about why they should pursue certification with the BCRSP, what would you tell them?

When I started my career in safety, I could not have foreseen how meaningful my future career as a safety consultant would be. I contribute part of this success to my mentor putting me on the path to CRSP Certification. I suggest anyone interested in growing their career should look at the BCRSP certifications and see how they can assist with those career goals.