In My Own Words - Dr. Ganapathi Bhat Manchi, Ph.D., CRSP, CFIOSH

Dr. Ganapathi Bhat Manchi, Ph.D., CRSP, CFIOSH
Dr. Ganapathi Bhat Manchi, Ph.D., CRSP, CFIOSH

Why did you decide to pursue a BCRSP Certification?

Throughout the BCRSP's years of service, it has maintained the highest standards of excellence and professionalism in the field of occupational health and safety. Canadian industry and government demand CRSP certification for occupational safety professionals in every job advertisement. The CRSP® certification process requires individuals to meet qualification standards, including education and experience requirements, pass the CRSP® Examination, and stay up to date through a continuous professional development (CPD) process. I was inspired to attain this pinnacle recognition to contribute to the OHS community both in and outside of Canada.

How did you find out about the certification?

During my immigration process to Canada, my OHS colleagues strongly recommended the CRSP certification, and I conducted thorough research.

How long have you had your certification and why do you still maintain it?

My CRSP status was granted in 2019. Qualification and passing the challenging CRSP exam, then CPD, require a lot of dedication and commitment in order to attain the BCRSP standard, the highest worldwide for OHS professionals. This certification standard is very rewarding, recognizes my service to the OHS community within and outside Canada, and I anticipate that it will be made a licensed profession in the near future.

If you could give some advice to someone about why they should pursue certification with the BCRSP, what would you tell them?

In triple bottom line business (3BL), occupational health and safety play a significant role in protecting the planet and people, thus profit. Although it poses some challenges, I find its contribution highly "giving" and satisfying. Safety professionals are in high demand in the sustainable world, and OHS is a relatively new profession. When I was first starting out in my OHS career, I suffered greatly due to a lack of guidance and direction. BCRSP helps aspiring and experienced safety professionals acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become world-class safety professionals; this is particularly useful for those who are just beginning their careers. Canadian immigrants with CRSP have an excellent chance of finding employment since it is the preference of employers. In Canada, 51.7% of CRSPs reported earning more than $100k per year (2019 survey). If you want success, do the right thing, and the right thing will happen. CRSP is the right thing to do to become holistic OHS professional. One will feel proud to hold this certification whether working in Canada or outside.