44 OHS Professionals Receive the CRSP® Certification

The Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) is pleased to announce 44 occupational health and safety (OHS) professionals have recently been granted the Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP)® certification.

This highly respected certification is awarded to individuals who meet academic standards, satisfy professional practice experience requirements and have passed the rigorous CRSP® Examination written in October 2021. The CRSP® Examination is a criterion-referenced examination created to evaluate the competencies a safety professional is required to possess in order to practice safely and effectively.

Canadian Registered Safety Professionals offer in-depth knowledge of OHS principles and practices and apply this knowledge to develop systems to achieve optimum control over hazards in a workplace. A CRSP® will represent OHS matters at all levels and will interact with other business leaders in the interest of an organization’s performance. CRSP's, quickly become leaders in their industry and assist companies across Canada to operate safely daily.  

Congratulations to the following safety professionals on achieving Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP)® certification.

  • Anas Sobhi AlMahmoud CRSP
  • Samuel Ofoe Atichogbe CRSP
  • Andrew Brown CRSP
  • Joseph Murray Burrows CRSP
  • Roberto Camba Baldomar CRSP
  • Stephanie Chauvette-Courtemanche CRSP
  • Dennis Wayne Cheng CRSP
  • Anthony James Coldwell CRSP
  • Elsie Cooper CRSP
  • Monday Allyn Cryne CRSP
  • Tara Dakin CRSP
  • Colin de Raaf CRSP
  • Yetunde Khifayat Zainab Emmanuel CRSP
  • Obinna Chinedu Eronini CRSP
  • Chelsey Foster CRSP
  • Travis Gallup CRSP
  • Emily Meganne Hogan CRSP
  • Abdullah Javaid CRSP
  • Peter Joseph CRSP
  • Steve Kallies CRSP
  • Maxat Kikbayev CRSP
  • Vsevolod Kuzmenko CRSP
  • Shelby Langridge CRSP
  • Benjamin Levannier CRSP
  • Nadine Daisy Livingston CRSP
  • Elisha Malette CRSP
  • James Marles CRSP
  • Jody Mathers CRSP
  • Ashley Elizabeth McCallum CRSP
  • Akeem Mustapha CRSP
  • Justice Nkrumah CRSP
  • Vinoy Thomas Rajan CRSP
  • Adam Ranger CRSP
  • Kevin Joseph Robinson CRSP
  • Sohely Shafique CRSP
  • Martin Mateen Sheridan CRSP
  • Avinash Singh CRSP
  • Carolyn Single CRSP
  • Kessie Jo Stevens CRSP
  • Nathan Thompson CRSP
  • Nolan VanDenHeede CRSP
  • Lisa Tonette Wells CRSP
  • Courtney Wolfe CRSP
  • Simon Wong CRSP
About the BCRSP 

The Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals is a public interest, not-for-profit, federally incorporated self-regulating organization which sets the certification standards for the OHS profession. BCRSP strives to advance the body of knowledge, the competency of the profession, and the value our certificants bring to society. The BCRSP grants the CRSP® and CRST certifications to individuals who successfully complete the certification process through application assessment, interview, and examination. The Board governs its certificants in order that the public interest may be served and protected.