Hiring an OHS Professional

The CRSP®: Occupational Health and Safety Expertise

Workplace health and safety has become an increasingly important issue for businesses of all sizes regardless of industry. With health hazards in the workplace, legislative requirements, and the enormous costs associated with occupational incidents, more and more organisations are turning to certified health and safety professionals.

What is a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP)®/Professionnel en sécurité agréé du Canada (PSAC)®?

The Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP)®/Professionnel en sécurité agréé du Canada (PSAC)® designation has become widely recognized as the national standard of certification for OHS professionals in Canada.



  • An individual who has met the academic, experience and examination requirements of a national registration authority.
  • An individual with in-depth knowledge of health and safety principles and practices who uses this knowledge to develop systems in the workplace in order to achieve optimum control over hazards detrimental to people, equipment, material and the environment.
  • An individual committed to the principles of loss control, accident prevention and environmental protection.
  • An individual whose knowledge and skills are continually upgraded through a certification maintenance program to ensure a qualified, up-to-date professional is managing health and safety issues.
  • An individual committed to managing an organisation's health and safety issues and concerns according to a Code of Ethics.

Code of Ethics

By hiring a CRSP®, you will have an individual committed to managing your organisation’s health and safety issues and concerns according to a Code of Ethics. You’ll have a professional with a portable designation that is recognized nationally and internationally.

Hire a CRSP® and Save Money

You’ll save money since a CRSP® can step into the job, eliminating the need for your organisation to invest in training someone about health and safety. You get a pre-screened OHS professional which helps expedite your own recruitment process.

CRSP® Verification Service - looking to verify a job applicant is a CRSP®, click here.

Employers and/or agencies looking for OHS candidates, may submit positions to the BCRSP for posting on its website. The BCRSP careers page had over 70,000 unique visitors in 2015 with over 100,000 unique visits to career advertisements. For information on pricing, and to post a position, click here.

Hiring Guide Resource

The Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE) has developed a Hiring a Health and Safety Practitioner Guide. The guide is intended to serve as a resource to employers and is available free of charge from CSSE's website.