Salary Survey Tool Update

Date Posted: 
February 25, 2015

The CRSP®Salary Survey Report, which is conducted every two years by the BCRSP®, has added a search function, available on the website. Certificants can now access the information within the report by conducting a specified search. 

The tool allows certificants to search by employment setting, career experience, age, region, salary and demographic. It also provides users with advanced search options and distinctive filters to view selective data. The tool is designed to make accessing information faster and easier for all users.

The salary survey is conducted by online questionnaire and CRSP’s across Canada, the United States and overseas can participate. The report serves as a valuable resource for certificants and the public providing employment trends, salary comparisons and industry specific information.   

Currently users can only search the 2013 report but the next report will be conducted in 2015, at that point users will have the ability to search both reports.

The tool and the report can be viewed on the BCRSP website