New Report Reveals CRSPs make $100 000 and are Happier than ever Before.

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November 05, 2015

Mississauga, ON. November 5, 2015 — A major report from the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) released today reveals that more than 90% of CRSP respondents are pleased with their career in occupational health and safety.

The Salary Survey report, which is now available online, is conducted every second year and highlights key demographic and employment variables of CRSPs from across Canada, who work in various sectors.

In total the report was sent out to 4490 CRSPs and 1673 certificants completed the survey, the majority of respondents were from Alberta and Ontario. The report is broken down by region, age, duties, educational background and years of experience; giving a realistic glimpse into the working conditions of CRSPs.

The data was summarized by Assessment Strategies Inc. (ASI) and the findings serve as a valuable tool for CRSPs, human resource departments, senior managers and the public in terms of assessing employment trends/settings and salary comparisons within the industry.

The report also reveals that over 50% of CRSP respondents reported salaries over 100,000 per year. Like many careers, salaries generally increased with level of experience.  Salaries tended to be higher in the petroleum and construction sectors, while respondents in the government sector reported some of the lowest salaries.  Certificants reported that the designation itself is a requirement for a large number or occupational health and safety positions and an asset to companies in all sectors.

Overall the results were consistent with previous surveys and any noteworthy changes were documented and highlighted within the report.  To view the report in its entirety visit:


About the BCRSP

The Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) is a federally incorporated self-regulating, self-governing, ISO 17024 accredited and ISO 9001 certified organisation established in 1976. The BCRSP sets the standard for the certification of occupational health and safety professionals in Canada to create the healthiest and safest workplaces in the world. Professionalism, high standards, continuous learning, and an established Code of Ethics drive the BCRSP. The BCRSP grants the Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) ® credential to individuals who successfully complete the certification process through application assessment, interview and examination. The Board governs its certificants in order that the public interest may be served and protected.


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