What are the professional / ethical expectations of a CRSP/PSAC?

As a condition to obtaining and maintaining certification, each CRSP®/PSAC®commits to abide by the CRSP Rules of Professional Conduct as adopted by the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP). Each CRSP®/PSAC® pledges to subscribe not only to the letter but also to the spirit of the Code in all their professional activities.

The purpose of the CRSP®/PSAC® Rules of Professional Conduct (the Code) is to provide guidance to ensure that each CRSP®/PSAC® adheres to high standards of integrity and professional competence.

A copy of the CRSP®/PSAC® Rules of Professional Conduct which outlines in detail the professional expectations of a certificant, is publicly available on the BCRSP website. 

Each certificant relies on the BCRSP to protect the integrity of the CRSP®/PSAC® certification. The Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) is tasked with ensuring that responsibility is fulfilled in a fair and impartial manner. The PCC will be solely responsible for ensuring BCRSP Policy is followed to investigate complaints or allegations of misconduct against certificants. Complaints or allegations of misconduct against certificants found to be justified by the PCC will be referred to the Discipline Committee for review.

The BCRSP may disclose any disciplinary or enforcement decision/action against a certificant along with associated information, to other organizations including without limitation, organizations related to health and safety, law enforcement agencies, and regulatory bodies.