The Next 40 Years… Insight From the Board of Governors

This is part of a series of articles that are being published throughout 2016 in commemoration of the BCRSP’s 40th Anniversary Celebration, 1976-2016

Since 1976 the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) has been leading the way as the certification body for OHS professionals in Canada.  Forty years is a long time and the growth, influence and impact of the BCRSP in that time period has been significant.  

Internally we have implemented ongoing updates to application, examination and certification maintenance processes to continually maintain the integrity of the organization and the value of the certification. Externally BCRSP has been very active in promoting the benefits of certification to OHS professionals and the employer community, and liaising with stakeholder organizations.The last forty years have been an exceptional time for the BCRSP. As we celebrate our 40th Anniversary in 2016 we asked members of the BCRSP Governing Board to think forward another forty years on what the future for the profession, and the BCRSP may look like. Here is what they had to say: 

“During our first forty years the field of occupational health and safety has progressed from an add on activity performed by a variety of individuals who often had little or no specific training to a core function performed by individuals with specialized training, skills, and competencies. Today, a defining attribute of most successful organizations is rigorous attention to occupational health and safety in all aspects of their business. It is my hope that long before another forty years has passed, occupational health and safety will be an integral aspect of every workplace supported by certified and licensed practitioners.”   Kevin J. Dawson, MBA, P.Eng., CRSP, Governor, Principal, Omnius Consulting 

“I think the next forty years will see the safety profession and BCRSP evolve and change significantly. The pace of that change will be unprecedented. The safety profession will be shaped largely by changes in technology and changes in our economy affected by continued globalization. I expect that the organization (BCRSP) will continue to evolve and grow to meet the changing needs of the profession, including changing knowledge requirements, competencies and skills that will be required of the safety profession. These knowledge requirements, competencies and skills will shift dramatically numerous times over a forty year timeframe. I also expect that over this time period the safety profession will become a regulated profession across the country and around the globe to address the need for standardization in how organizations structure and support risk mitigation within their work environments. The profession will also need to respond to new hazards created by new technology and complexities not anticipated as a sharing economy continues to evolve and change how work relationships are formed and how work gets done. Small business will continue to grow as will the vulnerability of the workforce who will find themselves increasingly in non-traditional work relationships.”   Paul Andre, CRSP, Vice Chair, Vice President, Prevention Services, Workplace Safety North

“Over the next 40 years the BCRSP will evolve into the most influential association for health and safety worldwide. It will be the umbrella organization for all safety professionals and practitioners and will have put health and safety forefront in all workplace situations from small business to global companies resulting in workplace fatalities being virtually non-existent.”  Dave Turner, MBA, PEng, CMSP, CRSP, President & Lead OHS Specialist, Turner Safety Systems Ltd

“Over the next 40 years, the BCRSP will continue to advance the level of professionalism and credibility of those practicing the health and safety occupation in Canada. The certification scheme will evolve to recognize professionals at varying levels of education and expertise; from the field to the boardroom. Holding a certification from the BCRSP will be a requirement for any Canadian choosing to work in the rewarding field of occupational health and safety.”  Paula M.A. Campkin, MBA, CRSP, ICD.D., Secretary-Treasurer, Vice President, Industry Development & Chief Safety Officer, ENFORM

Looking forward there are unlimited opportunities for growth and enhancement of the OHS profession in Canada and around the world. The BCRSP will play an integral role, along with other stakeholders, in that growth, and will continue to pursue our vision of safe and healthy workplaces through certification. What are your thoughts regarding the future of the OHS profession? We’d like to hear from you. Email us at or post a comment below.