In My Own Words - Tracy Carnegie, CRSP

Tracy Carnegie, CRSP

In 2010, I was in the midst of a professional crisis – I was highly educated and unemployed in the animation industry. I had moved back to my home province of Alberta to be with my (now) husband and was aware of the fact that my skills were not particularly sought after here. A friend suggested I join a growing machining company as they were seeking a receptionist. I accepted the position to have some stability, but two months in I was very aware I wasn’t being professionally challenged.

I had decided it was time to move onward and find a position that would evolve into something more, however the owner wouldn’t let me walk away. Instead, he suggested I take on the ISO and Safety program implementation. I went from a receptionist with an animation background to a ISO & Safety Manager overnight. If you’re professionally sensible, you read that last sentence and realized how inappropriate that is. Granted, I was partnered up with a professional consultant to create the programs and achieve COR and ISO certification, but if we are honest, I was highly under-qualified for my role. I went through the introductory EH&S courses, however I lacked professional knowledge and experience to be in a leadership position and I was aware of it.

I became aware of the CRSP designation through instructors who had pursued the certification.They all spoke highly of the board, and mentioned how it challenged health and safety professionals to constantly evolve and grow in their profession by up-keeping a standard of developing knowledge. I made the CRSP a long term professional goal.

Over the last decade, I’ve constantly taken on roles which challenge me to gain more knowledge while always keeping my eye towards the CRSP. With a career in various industries, I finally made my move and applied to become a Canadian Registered Safety Professional. In my career, I’ve worked with some amazing individuals who I’ve been so thankful to have as mentors. Many people are unaware that our titles are not regulated, which is an opportunity for improvement by placing highly motivated and driven individuals into leadership roles to shape the future of the EH&S industry.

I strongly believe to be a successful leader within health and safety, an individual must have a strong curiosity. Our careers can take us into literally every industry and we need to be prepared for those challenges which the CRSP is designed to ensure our continuous education. If I can offer any advice to those considering a career in health and safety:

  • Create S.M.A.R.T. goals to advance knowledge
  • Surround yourself with mentors and build professional relationships
  • Stay humble in your career

I am proud to have become a CRSP in 2019 but the journey to obtaining this came from the support of many mentors along the way, and for that I thank them for pushing me to see my own true potential.