In My Own Words - Ryan J. Bast, CES, CRSP, CSHM

Why did you decide to pursue a CRSP Certification?
The BCRSP is widely recognized as the Canadian standard for Occupational Health & Safety professionals to achieve. I plan on making OHS my career and felt that achieving the national standard was a goal I wanted to achieve. The process is not easy nor should it be.

How did you find out about the Certification?
I first found out about the certification in 2005 when I went through the very first class of the Occupational Health and Safety practitioner program offered in Saskatchewan. I know many CRSP’s across Canada and through discussions with them I learned more about the certification. The BCRSP website is also very informative for further information.

How long have you had your Certification and why do you still maintain it?
I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to challenge the CRSPEX in 2017 and was able to meet the standard in my first attempt. Maintaining the CRSP opened the door for me to challenge the CSHM in the United States as they recognized the reciprocity of the CRSP. Knowing the time and hard work that went into obtaining my CRSP, not keeping it up or maintaining it, is not an option. In fact, I carefully maintain it on the BCRSP website.

If you could give some advice to someone about why they should be a CRSP, what would you tell them?
Achieving the BCRSP certification validates your education, years of experience and professional development in the OHS profession. When you are certified you follow a code of ethics and maintenance requirements which is important in ensuring you stay current with safety trends and practices. Yes, it is hard work to go through the process, but when you reach your goal of being certified, it is priceless.