In My Own Words - Josh Bucsit CRSP, CMIOSH, FIIRSM


Why did you decide to pursue a CRSP Certification?

I decided to pursue the CRSP certification in line with my readiness and preparation prior to permanently settling in Canada in the second quarter of 2020. Having worked as a Safety Professional in countries such as UAE and KSA for the last 14 years, obtaining the CRSP certification is a career milestone and a game changer for professionals aspiring to climb up the ranks and stand out from the rest. When I finally achieved the certification, it gave me a sense of fulfillment as I perform my role as Facility & Project HSE Manager in addition to a wider delegation after being trusted as interim Country HSES Manager to stand during the latter’s annual leave. To top it all, I believe that it further boosts my competency and qualification as I start to apply for opportunities in Canada in April of 2020.

How did you find out about the Certification?

I found out about the certification through the BCRSP website immediately after the approval of my immigration application from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. From there on, I set my goals on attaining the CRSP certification while working as a Project HSES Advisor at a top tier Engineering Procurement Construction and Installation company. As I enter a new journey with my family in Canada, what better way to start than to be a CRSP as I look for potential opportunities once we settle.

How long have you had your Certification and why do you still maintain it?

I have just recently obtained my certification in March of 2019. I intend to maintain my CRSP designation simultaneously with my CMIOSH and FIIRSM certifications to ensure my SKATE remains updated and competent to the ever-changing industry.

If you could give some advice to someone about why they should pursue certification with the BCRSP, what would you tell them?

The certification with the BCRSP is synonymous with reliability, credibility, competency, and professionalism. Being a CRSP gives me the confidence when providing advise to senior management and in turn reciprocated by respect and value from the organization. HSES Professionals planning to immigrate to Canada must keep their eye on the prize: plan, prepare, perform and achieve the CRSP before stepping in the land of the free.