In My Own Words - Jerry Traer, CRSP, CHSC

Jerry Traer, CRSP, CHSC

It is hard to believe that it has been almost twenty years since I attained my Canadian Registered Safety Professional designation.

When I think back to that time when I got my designation, it was very important to me because of the credibility it provided me when dealing with safety and production people. Not only within the safety community but even my personal life. Having my designation provides me with the ability to offer advice that people could use to help them implement their safety program more effectively and ultimately providing a safe workplace for workers throughout Canada.

The designation, as well, has given me the opportunity to network with other CRSP designates which extends my reach in the safety field. Some of these people I would consider good friends, they have the same goals I have.

I look forward to continuing to use my designation in the years to come.