In My Own Words - Flavia Torres, CRSP

Flavia Torres, CRSP

When I immigrated to Canada with my family, husband and two kids in 2012, the ‘What’ was very clear in my mind: to continue my career path as a Health and Safety Professional in my new homeland. The ‘How’ was a different story…

I quickly realized that many of my skills required upgrading in order to fulfill this goal: Full work proficiency in English, knowledge of the Canadian Law system, understanding the labour market, networking to increase my opportunities to obtain a job in the field, and ultimately, the most prestigious professional designation in Safety: the CRSP.

With those goals in mind, I returned to college in January 2013 to get Canadian content to add to my five years of experience as an HSE professional in Venezuela. As a part time student and full time mother, I decided to complete the certification within a year and delay the current unsuccessful job search until the fall to increase my opportunities to succeed. I did it with the same dedication that I had to become an Industrial Engineer years earlier.

By November 2013, I became employed full time as an HSE specialist and by December, I completed the certification in OH&S. The natural next step for me was to obtain the CRSP, so I focused my attention on that goal. Confident that my years of experience outside of Canada would be considered and having recently completed the first six months of my first in Canada, I jumped into the adventure of becoming a CRSP.

I wrote the test in October 2014, just three months after my application was accepted (please consider at least six months to prepare for the test). I was successfully approved on my first try and I got the approval letter in mid-December 2014. I remember that day as one of the happiest in my professional life: a recognition to my years of professional development and passion towards this powerful and gratifying profession.

Just twenty months after becoming a CRSP and less than three years after starting work in Canada, I landed my dream job: HSE Manager in a Manufacturing Plant in the Greater Toronto Area. To make things better, it is a company that is one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers. This achievement would not have been possible without having the CRSP designation along with the experience and qualifications in my resume. I come to work every day to do my best in a field that is both my job and my passion – a luxury that not everyone enjoys.

I really encourage other motivated safety professionals like myself to pursue the CRSP designation as a sign of respect and professionalism for this amazing career. I did it and I have not regretted the time and effort spent on this. It is really worth it!!!

Flavia Torres, CRSP
HSE Manager – MWCA, NMK