In My Own Words - Dinshaw Jamshedji, CRSP

Dinshaw Jamshedji, CRSP

I remember the day when I decided to be a CRSP. It was on January 04, 2011 when I received a confirmation to immigrate to Canada from the Canadian Embassy in Abu Dhabi. At the time, I decided to equip myself with industry-related qualifications requisite in a new country I chose to embrace. It was with the idea to provide myself a professional foothold that recognized my training, education and experience gained. In researching the health and safety field in Canada, I quickly realized that CRSP is the gold standard that professionals here in my field aspire to.

Health and Safety management in the offshore maritime oil and gas sector that I served, was an integral part of a company’s structure that contracted work with the oil majors of the world. With this awareness and previous qualifications from NEBOSH UK, I was convinced that the CRSP designation would lend that important credential to opening doors for opportunities in Canada.

Lucky to gain direct entry into a Health and Safety position, I began studying for my CRSP exam while working for a manufacturing company in Stoney Creek, Ontario. The journey has been arduous and juggling between several priorities as a newcomer family to Canada. The success in the exam made it all worthwhile. Achieving the CRSP designation in 2014 widened avenues for my professional growth and development. I believe that CRSP is a statement of an individual’s proficiency in the field of Health and Safety. It holds the degree of confidence for returns an employer seeks when engaging a CRSP talent.

To all aspirants of this coveted designation in Canada, I urge to never give up despite other hardships, particularly related to immigrating here. Sweet success is sure to follow when there is dedication and zeal to pursue this unique title in Health and Safety, and where one has a chance to positively influence the lives of many in Canada and in every place of work.