In My Own Words - Candice Burton, B.Sc. CRSP, CIH, ROH

Candice Burton, B.Sc, CRSP, CIH, ROH

I am a descendant of miners. Family and friends have succumbed to occupational illness from the mines. My father has been knocked unconscious with loose rock, digits permanently disfigured, and exposed to years of long working hours in dark, damp underground stopes filled with toxic gas and dust. While I am a strong advocate for mining, I reject the concept that sacrifice of health or life is a necessary part of doing business. 

I obtained a science degree from Lakehead University in the late 1990s while working part time in the Canadian Navy. In the 2000s, I enrolled in the CCNM Naturopathic Medical Program until unexpected life events brought me back to the Northern Ontario mining community. I quickly became engrossed in my role as an Industrial Hygiene Technician for the local gold mining operation. With the support of my employer, I completed an online Occupational Health and Safety Certificate through Ryerson University and obtained a CRSP designation in December of 2012. 

Belonging to the CRSP community, I have enjoyed ready access to the guidance I need to arrive at sound decisions, especially when the circumstances are complex or ambiguous. Being a CRSP means I am personally committed to continuously advancing my knowledge of health and safety technologies, adhering to the ethical and moral spirit of the BCRSP, and inspiring positive change in the most effective manner possible. As I continue the journey to promote healthy and safe workplaces in British Columbia, I believe more than ever that the most sustainable industries are actively committed to the prevention of occupational illness and injury in both policy and practice - where the only sacrifice made on behalf of workers is time and an honest day’s work.  


Candice Burton, B.Sc. CRSP, CIH, ROH
Occupational Hygiene Officer – WorkSafe BC