Developing an Examination Strategy

Writing a certification examination can be a stressful experience. You are undertaking an important step in your career, and this may be the first test you have prepared for in a number of years. Here are some tips on 'developing an examination strategy', extracted from the Examination Candidate Handbook.

Developing an Examination Strategy

Candidates who pass the CRSP Examination must understand how each of the nine domains (subject matter) – Applied Safety Fundamentals, Auditing, Ergonomics, Fire Prevention and Protection, Health and Wellness, Law and Ethics, Management Systems, Occupational Hygiene, and, Risk Management, integrate together to produce an effective and efficient OHS system. It takes time to adequately prepare for an examination. There are no shortcuts. While study tips and examination writing tips can help you prepare, there is no replacement for taking the time to build a solid base of knowledge.

Scheduling Study Time

Develop a methodical approach to studying each domain. This can be accomplished by organizing your study time. Candidates report they spend on average between 60 and 200 hours on average preparing for the CRSP Examination.

Review Sample Examination Questions

There are some sample questions provided on the BCRSP website that will give you an indication of the style of questions that will be asked, the type of thinking required and the degree of difference between incorrect and correct answers. Answers to the questions along with the rationale are also provided. 

Control Examination Anxiety

Part of controlling anxiety involves being prepared for what to expect. Here are some tips:
Prior to the examination:
  • Know your material. Spend adequate time studying for the CRSPEX.
  • Ensure you get enough sleep, good nutrition, exercise, personal down time, etc. Think positively.
On the day of the examination
  • Allow yourself plenty of extra time to arrive at the testing centre so you have adequate time to park, register, etc.
  • Dress comfortably – you will be seated for 3 ½ hours. 
During the examination
  • Relax. Practice relaxation techniques such as deep-breathing.
  • Do not focus on any anxiety you may be experiencing.
  • Do not expect to know all the answers. It is unlikely that a candidate will answer all questions correctly. Use your reasoning ability to analyze the question and identify the best possible answer.
Know What to Expect at a Testing Centre
The BCRSP has partnered with Pearson VUE to deliver computer-based certification examinations. Pearson VUE offers resources on their website to help prepare you.