CSSE Free Webinar Series: Tactics For Maintaining Mental Fitness During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The CSSE is presenting a new Mental Health Webinar Series to their membership and the general public. In partnership with the Alberta Municipality Health and Safety Association (AMHSA) and Alberta Urban Municipality Association (AUMA), they will be offering a weekly webinar facilitated by Dr. Bill Howatt from Howatt HR. These weekly discussions will examine the key behaviours organizations and individuals can do to maintain mental fitness during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The first webinar takes place on March 24 at 12pm ET and will continue weekly on the same day of the week and time of day. Each webinar will provide a 15-minute overview of a key micro-skill that you can do to support charging your mental health battery. After the 15-minute micro-skill review, there will be a 10-15 minute Q and A for you to ask your own mental fitness questions.

Space is limited on each webinar, so click here to register: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_mLwiOZG_Q6aciOquSkWBCQ.