Chair's Message September 2019


Dear Certificants,

Although the summer weather took a while to get started, we have enjoyed some nice hot days over the last few months.  I hope you have all enjoyed some fun, leisure and downtime with friends and family.  I am so honoured to be the Chairperson of BCRSP and am looking forward to my role.  These are exciting times in the progression of our chosen profession.  I am proud to lead a group of very dedicated board members who give of their time and energy.  Their dedication, commitment and passion for OHS is truly inspiring.

I also wanted to thank the executive teams who led this organization before me.  I came with previous experience on the Board and took an approximate 10 year hiatus and there has been much work done on building relationships, increasing knowledge about the benefits of hiring credentialed OHS employees, and building the idea of a national framework that will bring OHS into the future as we continue to follow our vision of safe and healthy workplaces through certification.

The BCRSP Governing Board has been busy and as Kevin Dawson mentioned in his last blog the following are some of the core projects currently underway:

  • Outreach to stakeholders (industry, government, other professional groups), in advancing the need for formal recognition of the OHS professions and the concept of the National Framework
    • We have started & continued focused conversations with:
      • Health & safety associations across the country to solicit their feedback on the National Framework.
      • Ontario’s Minister of Labour, the Chief Prevention Officer, the Ministry of Labour’s office and the Alberta Society of Health & Safety Professionals
      • Other certifying bodies including CRBOH and CCOHN, with more outreach planned in the near future.
  • The Joint BCRSP/CSSE Accreditation Task Force will continue to develop the framework for OHS post-secondary program accreditation, including standards, processes structures and priorities
  • The development of an Ethics Program and Provider Standard and application process to support programs being developed to meet the new mandatory CPD ethics course requirements
  • In partnership with the Safety Institute of Australia, contributing to an Ethics Chapter for the SIA's Body of Knowledge.
  • International outreach to support development of memoranda of understandings and recognition of the BCRSP certifications globally.
  • Ongoing collaboration with CSSE on positioning the BCRSP as the certifying body and the CSSE as the member services organization, providing education, professional development and resources

Most recently the Competency Review Task Force met for two days in Ottawa to discuss the CRSP competencies with a lens on current and future competencies needed to fulfill the roles. A validation survey will be forthcoming soon to CRSPs to contribute to the competency blueprint revisions.

Representatives from the Governing Board will be attending various events including the upcoming IOSH conference, the CSSE PDC, and the INSHPO meetings being held this Fall.

The first cohort of CRSTs wrote the exam and we now have 20 CRSTs across the country. Congratulations! The second examination administration was in August and results will be available in the coming weeks.

I hope that some of you can join us at a meet and greet event in October being organized by a CRSP on the future of health and safety in Ontario.  I will be representing BCRSP and both the Minister and Chief Prevention Officer will be speaking on the panel. 100% of ALL registration fees are going to Threads of Life.  The link to register is:

I am looking forward to a productive year on the Board and connecting with CRSPs and CRSTs, those that can help us move the safety profession into the future and those with likeminded organizations globally.  Please take the time to read through our priorities and review the National Framework as I would love to hear what you think about our direction and the future.

Monica A. Szabo, BES, OHST, CRSP, ROH, CMM III
Chair, BCRSP Governing Board