2019 Salary Survey

The 2019 CRSP Salary Survey published by the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) reveals that 90.3% of respondents are satisfied or more than satisfied with their career in occupational health and safety. A total of 5,537 invitations to complete the survey online were distributed to CRSPs from across Canada with a response rate of 37.4%, an increase of over 9% from the 2017 survey.

The 2019 Salary Survey is conducted every second year and highlights key demographic and employment variables of CRSPs from across Canada.

Across Canada, 51.7% of respondents reported salaries of above $100,000. For comparison purposes, the average salary in Occupational Health and Safety in the last Stats Canada report was $76,000. On average, salaries were higher in Central Canada compared to the other regions. Since 2017, respondents from the petroleum sector reported more salary increases (24.3%), while respondents from the government and construction sectors reported less salary increases (-6.5% and -5.8%, respectively). Lastly, 77.6% of respondents had at least 10 years of experience in occupational health and safety.

The 2019 Salary Survey and the findings serve as a valuable tool for CRSPs, human resource departments, senior managers and the public in terms of assessing employment trends/settings and salary comparisons within the industry.