124 OHS Professionals Demonstrate Their Commitment to Providing the Safest and Healthiest Workplaces

Date Posted: 
April 22, 2018

Mississauga, ON – April 22, 2018 – The Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) is pleased to announce 124 Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) professionals have recently been granted certification as Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CRSP)®.

This highly respected certification is awarded to individuals who meet academic standards, satisfy professional practice experience requirements and have passed the rigorous CRSP Examination (CRSPEX). The CRSPEX is a criterion-referenced examination created to evaluate the competencies a safety professional is required to possess in order to practice safely and effectively.

“Achieving the CRSP® certification is a milestone in an individuals’ career,” says Paul Andre, Chair of the BCRSP Governing Board. “Congratulations to the 124 individuals on their achievement and commitment to safe and healthy workplaces.” 

Canadian Registered Safety Professionals offer in-depth knowledge of OHS principles and practices and apply this knowledge to develop systems to achieve optimum control over hazards in a workplace. A CRSP® will represent OHS matters at all levels and will interact with other business leaders in the interest of an organization’s performance. CRSP's, quickly become leaders in their industry and assist companies across Canada to operate safely daily. 

Congratulations to the following safety professionals on achieving Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP)® certification.

Khalid Abdullah CRSP
Karina Abe CRSP
Jennifer Abrantes CRSP
Muhammad Afzal CRSP
Comfort Eyojo Agada-Kiboigo CRSP
Robert Ahimbisibwe CRSP
Lars Asak CRSP
Kristopher Bailey CRSP
Tigran Bajgoric CRSP
Arun Balbahadur CRSP
Nicole Barnes CRSP
Jeremy Beal CRSP
Kristi Beck CRSP
Patrick Bellemare CRSP
Michael Bennett CRSP
Christopher Betsill CRSP
Jeffrey Blanchard CRSP
Jeremy Bondy CRSP
Lauren Bradshaw CRSP
Iqbal Brar CRSP
Kegan Briffa CRSP
Simon Brown CRSP
Stephen Bruchet CRSP
Michelle Buckley CRSP
Corey Buffett CRSP
Daniel Burg CRSP
Ivan Burton CRSP
Victoria Campbell CRSP
Denise Castle CRSP
Stephane Charron CRSP
Melanie Charuk CRSP
Hong Chen CRSP
Carole-Anne Chung CRSP
Paula Collins CRSP
Matthew Cook CRSP
Kristy Cork CRSP
Hugo Coulombe CRSP
Brittany Cross CRSP
Timothy Dale CRSP
Stewart Day CRSP
Bradley DeBoer CRSP
John-Allan Dodd CRSP
David Domingue CRSP
Lorelei Dumonceaux CRSP
Heidi Dunn CRSP
Peter Anthony Durrad CRSP
Ana Maria Duta CRSP
Adam Edwards CRSP
Devon Eggers CRSP
Grant Elligsen CRSP
Jesse Evanshen CRSP
Umukoro Ewhrudjakpor CRSP
James Flannery CRSP
Kevin Fortnum CRSP
Theresa Fralic CRSP
Pamela Frizzell CRSP
Jean-Pierre Fry CRSP
Francis Garcia CRSP
Danny Gauthier CRSP
Reg Gilmore CRSP
Trevor Goshko CRSP
Caitlin Gould CRSP
Qifu Gui CRSP
Deidra Helmig CRSP
Richard Hilton CRSP
Jennifer Hirschman CRSP
Jennifer Hopkin CRSP
Cameron Huxley CRSP
Nicolina Iannucci CRSP
Mohammadreza Joodaki CRSP
Sarah Josefson CRSP
Simon Kaplansky CRSP
Colin Kasa CRSP
Craig Kennedy CRSP
Renata Kennedy CRSP
Samy Kessi CRSP
Shari Lamarche-Lomon CRSP
Jacson Lau CRSP
Cheuk Lam Sharen Lee CRSP
Richard Lethbridge CRSP
Taylor Chase Linssen CRSP
Joanna Lotocka CRSP
Stephanie Lovricevic CRSP
Daryl Lowey CRSP
Oleg Lurye CRSP
Georgios Lymperopoulos CRSP
Peter Lyon CRSP
George Michael MacDonald CRSP
Ian MacDonald CRSP
Kristin Malowski CRSP
Adelia Marchese CRSP
Susan McCarthy CRSP
Megan McDonald CRSP
Lori-Lee McGrath CRSP
David Meadus CRSP
Melissa Michaud CRSP
Thomas Miller CRSP
Allen Monk CRSP
Somenath Mukherjee CRSP
Dean Murphy CRSP
Pamela Nernberg CRSP
Amber Newton CRSP
Jinell Nixon CRSP
Robert O’Brien CRSP
Gerald Oliver CRSP
Ken Omokhua CRSP
Colin O’Neill CRSP
Sean O’Neill CRSP
Siang Ong CRSP
Adam Palmer CRSP
Abby Parsons CRSP
Chris Patterson CRSP
David Patterson CRSP
Tracey Pelly CRSP
Zachary Perrier CRSP
Alan Peterson CRSP
Richard Poirier CRSP
Clancy Tim Power CRSP
Christopher Price CRSP
Vicki Priest CRSP
Erin Rakestraw CRSP
Mohanad Raslan CRSP
Penny Ratushniak CRSP
Ghazi Reda CRSP
Timothy Reteff CRSP
Candice Robertson-Shattler CRSP
Brent Rossington CRSP
Russell Rowe CRSP
Patrick Roy CRSP
John Russell CRSP
Anna Rybczynski CRSP
John Sagert CRSP
Youssef Sahraoui CRSP
Warren Sandham CRSP
Jared Saunders CRSP
Stacey Sedgwick CRSP
Kelly Shanks CRSP
Jaspal Singh CRSP
Mark Skinner CRSP
Michael Sloan CRSP
Paige Sorochan CRSP
Holly Squires CRSP
Djamal Stadnyk CRSP
Kelani Stam CRSP
Paul Stephens CRSP
Rose Stevens CRSP
Cheryl Tallas CRSP
Leonard Tarling CRSP
Ashley Teister CRSP
Claudine Tremblay CRSP
Christopher Tronsgard CRSP
Lauren van Lith CRSP
Morgan VanDerHoeven CRSP
Levi Vann CRSP
James Walker CRSP
Blair Weber CRSP
Joshua Wilson CRSP
Nicole Wintonyk CRSP
Jason Wong CRSP
Amanda Woytenko CRSP
Benjamin Wright CRSP
Haojiang Wu CRSP
Amber Yaskiw CRSP
Clara Yim CRSP
Kevin Zhang CRSP
About the BCRSP
The Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) is a federally incorporated self-regulating, self-governing, ISO 17024 accredited and ISO 9001 certified organization established in 1976. The Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals sets certification standards for occupational health and safety professionals. The BCRSP grants the Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP)® credential to individuals who successfully complete the certification process through application assessment, interview, and examination. The Board governs its certificants in order that the public interest may be served and protected.