118 Leaders Prove Their Expertise in Providing the Safest and Healthiest Workplaces in Canada

Date Posted: 
September 09, 2016

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The Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals® (BCRSP) is pleased to announce 118 Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) professionals have recently been granted certification as Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CRSP)®.

With years of experience, education and leadership in multiple industries, the recipients were granted certification by the Governing Board after completing a three part screening and certification examination process. The CRSP Examination (CRSPEX) is a criterion-referenced examination created to evaluate the competencies a safety professional is required to possess in order to practice safely and effectively.

“The BCRSP has certified 6000+ individuals since its incorporation in 1976,” says David Turner, Chair of the Board. “The CRSP® designation is widely recognized by employers as a benchmark for OHS positions and is regularly referenced as a minimum employment qualification.”

Canadian Registered Safety Professionals offer in-depth knowledge of OHS principles and practices and apply this knowledge to develop systems in order to achieve optimum control over hazards in a workplace. A CRSP® will represent OHS matters at all levels and will interact with other business leaders in the interest of an organization’s performance. CRSP’s®, quickly become leaders in their industry and assist companies across Canada to operate safely on a daily basis.  

63% of individuals writing the June 2016 CRSPEX passed the examination and have been awarded the CRSP certification. Congratulations to the following Canadian Registered Safety Professionals.

Alaa Abi Jomaa CRSP
Solomon Airebamen CRSP
Fethi Amari CRSP
Iulia (Julia) Anastasiei CRSP
Mario Angelucci CRSP
Donald Antonello CRSP
Matthew Arnold CRSP
Brian Baert CRSP
Kamorudeen Bakare CRSP
Brittany Baltimore CRSP
Jose Javier Barranco Barrera CRSP
Nicole Bendig CRSP
Michelle Bryan CRSP
Caroline Butler CRSP
Fawad Butt CRSP
Erin Byram CRSP
Jacques Champagne CRSP
Jayanti Chaudhari CRSP
Carl Shing-Ka Cheng CRSP
Yee Wa Eva Choy CRSP
Adam Cieslak CRSP
Karin Clark CRSP
Sarah Cleveland CRSP
Stephen Coady CRSP
Jonathan Collins CRSP
Christine Comrie CRSP
Michael Cormier CRSP
Stephen Crouse CRSP
Lorraine Douville CRSP
Tricia Drover CRSP
Amber Fairhurst CRSP
Ahmed Farah CRSP
James Feaver CRSP
Clare E. Foladore CRSP
Leonard Ajonakoh Fotabong CRSP
Ryan Freeman CRSP
Jennifer Furrow CRSP
Janet Gale CRSP
Christopher Gemmill CRSP
Cristina Ghinet CRSP

Jennifer Goertzen CRSP
Paul Gray CRSP
Francois Guilbault CRSP
Kevin Halling CRSP
Shellie Hamilton CRSP
Claudia Heathfield CRSP
Raymond Henderson CRSP
William Alexander Henry CRSP
Sadiqa Hifsa CRSP
Stephen Hippisley CRSP
Tamar Hopper CRSP
Derek Hyland CRSP
Oluwafunmilola Ibikunle CRSP
Maria Angelica Idrobo Tellez CRSP
Patrick Kearley CRSP
Holly Keyes CRSP
Dave Kundapur CRSP
Victoria Larsen CRSP
David Larson CRSP
Tyler LeBaron CRSP
Su Kyoung Lee CRSP
Joshua Litwinowich CRSP
Krista Lye CRSP
Todd A. MacDonald CRSP
Juleen MacEachen CRSP
Sean MacInnes CRSP
Jill Mackey CRSP
Christopher MacLennan CRSP
Timothy John MacRae CRSP
Daphne McCarron CRSP
Michael Richard McCartney CRSP
Gaetan Mercier CRSP
Shaun Miles CRSP
Shabnam Mir Seraji CRSP
Mohamed Mohamoud CRSP
Lauren Nickerson CRSP
Adam Nicolson CRSP
Eoin O’Grady CRSP
Katlynn O’Hare CRSP
Olajide Habib Olaniran CRSP

Matthew Osbourne CRSP
Jessica Pach CRSP
Jill Palsat CRSP
Gary Pardy CRSP
Jeff Parker CRSP
Cameron Peneff CRSP
David Phan CRSP
Marek Plawinski CRSP
Bradley Reid CRSP
Dwayne Rogowski CRSP
Tanya Rookes CRSP
Keren Ruller CRSP
Jonathan Sawchuk CRSP
Timothy Seabert CRSP
Nicholas Seaton CRSP
Edward Secnik CRSP
Dominique Slade CRSP
Mary Slaney CRSP
Bradley Spurrell CRSP
Jennifer Stadnychuk CRSP
Susan Stark CRSP
Jillian Sturwold CRSP
Clara Sun CRSP
Laura Synyard CRSP
Jeffrey Thibeau CRSP
Lida Thomson CRSP
Steve Thrasher CRSP
Ashley Tran CRSP
Jacquiline Hazel Uy CRSP
David Vaillant CRSP
Shannon Vollema CRSP
Arlaan J. Warren CRSP
David Wells CRSP
Jillian Wheatley CRSP
Glen Williams CRSP
Melissa Williamson CRSP
Esther Winder CRSP
Troy Winters CRSP

About the BCRSP

The Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) is a federally incorporated self-regulating, self-governing, ISO 17024 accredited and ISO 9001 certified organization established in 1976. The Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals sets certification standards for occupational health and safety professionals. The BCRSP grants the Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP)®credential to individuals who successfully complete the certification process through application assessment, interview, and examination. The Board governs its certificants in order that the public interest may be served and protected.

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