Board Welcomes New CRSP® Recipients

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Février 05, 2015

February 5, 2015.

Board Welcomes New CRSP® Recipients

Mississauga, ON – The Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals® (BCRSP) is pleased to announce 158 Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) professionals have recently been granted the prominent CRSP® designation.

With years of experience, education and leadership in multiple industries, the recipients received their designations this past winter after completing a three part screening and examination process.  

“The BCRSP has certified 5000+ individuals since its incorporation in 1976,” says Daniel T. Lyons, Chair of the Board. “The designation is widely recognized by employers as a benchmark for OHS positions and is regularly referenced as a minimum employment qualification.”

As CRSP’s®, they provide organizations with expertise in many areas including:

  • Offering proactive health and safety solutions
  • Driving injury reduction and loss prevention through OHS management
  • Engaging stakeholders across all levels of the organization in building a positive OHS culture
  • Leading an organization’s processes for monitoring, measuring and evaluating OHS performance
  • Exemplifying professional credibility because of the high standard required to obtain and maintain certification

​CRSP’s®, quickly become leaders in their industry and assist companies across Canada to operate safely, on a daily basis.  

In October, 64% of first time examination writers successfully passed the examination and have been awarded the CRSP certification.

Starting in 2015, the examination will be offered three times across Canada (in both English and French) taking place in February, June and October.

Congratulations to all the new CRSP’s®. See Full list below

Ian Abbs, CRSP

Kinan Aboujamra, CRSP

Jenna Adams, CRSP

Wayne Andrus, CRSP

Darcie Annesley, CRSP

Sahar Ashtiani, CRSP

Wesley Aulbrook, CRSP

Edwin Rommel Austria, CRSP

Kyla Bach, CRSP

David Beatty, CRSP

Myriam Beauchemin, CRSP

Joanne Betts, CRSP

Mervyn Betts, CRSP

Swapan Biswas, CRSP

Colin Bolton, CRSP

Warren Braithwaite, CRSP

Richard Brenton, CRSP

Katherine Browning, CRSP

Natalie Carscadden, CRSP

Micheal Carter, CRSP

Christopher Caruso, CRSP

Paul Chamberlin, CRSP

Paul Chamoun, CRSP

Joyce Chen, CRSP

Leora Chiprut, CRSP

Hymen Chu, CRSP

Jon Clippingdale, CRSP

Christine Collins, CRSP

Sandy Cooper, CRSP

Nigel Corduff, CRSP

Cody Craig, CRSP

Kyle Craig, CRSP

Dwayne Dalton, CRSP

Christopher Davis, CRSP

Natalia Day, CRSP

Shauna DeBock, CRSP

Jason DesJardins, CRSP

Jordan Desrosiers, CRSP

Sundeep Dhasi, CRSP

Jennifer Dickson, CRSP

Karen Donnelly, CRSP

Dave Duguay, CRSP

Robert Duncan, CRSP

James Kieran Dunne, CRSP

James Ekelund, CRSP

Paula Elliott, CRSP

Nasim Esfahani, CRSP

Judith (Jodi) Flatt, CRSP

Peter Gallagher, CRSP

Marisue Gardonio, CRSP

Quinn Gillard, CRSP

Mark Glazier, CRSP

Robert Goertz, CRSP

Dee Gollnitz, CRSP

Stephen J. Gordy, CRSP

Nicole Goyette, CRSP

Brian Guilfoyle, CRSP

Juanita Hanley, CRSP

Kimberley Hanson, CRSP

Daryl Harvey, CRSP

Travis Harvey, CRSP

Kevin Hassel, CRSP

Richard Heslop, CRSP

Fraser Hewitt, CRSP

Terri Hofinger, CRSP

Doug Hollett, CRSP

Raymond Hopkins, CRSP

Gregory Horner, CRSP

Jonathan Howard, CRSP

Ayadi Ibrahim, CRSP

Dale Ivie, CRSP

Melissa James, CRSP

Anne Johnson, CRSP

Jeffrey Josey, CRSP

Tamara Kapanen, CRSP

Stacey Kazakoff, CRSP

Chris Keeping, CRSP

Randy Kelly, CRSP

Manuel Kindt, CRSP

Brian Kossey, CRSP

Karren Kossey, CRSP

Jason Kramer, CRSP

Christopher Kroes, CRSP

Scott Krompocker, CRSP

Danka Krsmanovic, CRSP

Bruno LaVigueur, CRSP

Yusau Lawal, CRSP

Kevin LeDrew, CRSP

Steven Leer, CRSP

David «Brock» Lonson, CRSP

Sean MacCormack, CRSP

Cary MacDonald, CRSP

William Mitchell MacGregor, CRSP

Eughena Cecilia MacNeil, CRSP

Steven MacPhail, CRSP

Jamie Magee, CRSP

Drazan Mandic, CRSP

Jesse Martell, CRSP

Katherine Martens, CRSP

Cindy Masch, CRSP

Jessica McCaughey, CRSP

Sarah McCurdy, CRSP

Garry McGauran, CRSP

Byron McWhinnie, CRSP

Kenneth Mercer, CRSP

Timothy Merkley, CRSP

Lloyd Merriam, CRSP

Ulrika Merrick, CRSP

Steven Musselwhite, CRSP

Jennifer Nam, CRSP

Erin Nawrot, CRSP

Jonathon Neville, CRSP

Sherry Ng, CRSP

Darcy Niedermaier, CRSP

Laura Niznik, CRSP

Tyler Nolan, CRSP

Akinwunmi F. Oladipo, CRSP

David Otteson, CRSP

Catherine Parsons, CRSP

Verneke Peters, CRSP

Jessica Pu, CRSP

Christopher Reeves, CRSP

Jennifer Remington, CRSP

Vincent Rieu, CRSP

Carolin Robinson, CRSP

Samuel Rodriguez, CRSP

Trevor Routledge, CRSP

Jacqueline Roy, CRSP

Jason Roy, CRSP

Doug Sanders, CRSP

Celine Serrano, CRSP

James Shepherd, CRSP

Noel Slaney, CRSP

Rodger Sloan, CRSP

Derek Smart, CRSP

Michelle Smook, CRSP

Gavin St. Michael, CRSP

Kimberly Stubbs, CRSP

William Sutherland, CRSP

Melanie Sveinson, CRSP

Jason Taylor, CRSP

Tanessa Thompson, CRSP

Colin Tobin, CRSP

Flavia C. Torres-Moya, CRSP

Melinda Triebwasser, CRSP

Ashley Turcotte, CRSP

Corrie Ann Vallis, CRSP

Alex Vandelden, CRSP

Kartik Vyas, CRSP

Kevin Watson, CRSP

Laura Watson, CRSP

Frank Watts, CRSP

Kirby Wempe, CRSP

Lisa Wheeldon, CRSP

Craig White, CRSP

Karl Woolfsmith, CRSP

Richard Wright, CRSP

Lacey Wutzke, CRSP