BCRSP Recognition Awards


Do you know someone or an organization/employer who are strong advocates for the CRSP certification? If so, nominate them today for the inaugural BCRSP Recognition awards!

The purpose of the awards program is to recognize one individual and one organization/employer who are strong CRSP brand advocates. Winners will receive an award and be recognized publicly through a press release and on social media.

The Awards

The awards established are:

  • Individual CRSP category: recognizes a CRSP who has demonstrated exceptional support and promotion of the CRSP certification.
  • Organization/Employer category: recognizes an organization/employer who has demonstrated exceptional support for their CRSP employees, and promotion of the CRSP certification to their OHS practitioners.

Criteria - Individual

The nominee must hold the CRSP certification, and must be in good standing with the BCRSP.

The applicant must provide documentation for at least two of the following criteria in describing how the nominee has served as an advocate for CRSP certification:

1. Nurtures OHS practitioners in professional development and mentor’s future leaders in obtaining the CRSP certification.

  • Acts as a CRSP promoter.
  • Mentors an OHS colleague in preparing to apply for or write the CRSP examination.
  • Promotes CRSP certification to OHS students at local college/university.

2. Demonstrates passion for the CRSP certification.

  • Presents at formal meeting about benefits of CRSP certification.
  • Publishes articles about the benefits of CRSP certification in newsletters, blogs, websites, or other media outlets.

3. Utilizes leadership skills to promote the CRSP certification.

  • Supports individuals in preparing for CRSP eligibility or recertification by supporting professional development.
  • Collaborates with employer to promote the CRSP internally.
  • Serves as a role model to those considering CRSP certification.

Individuals may self-nominate or be nominated by others.

Criteria - Organization

The applicant must provide documentation of at least two of the following criteria in describing how the nominee has created a culture that recognizes CRSP certification (examples below):

1. Advances excellence in OHS by supporting OHS practitioners to obtain and maintain certification as a CRSP.

  • Gives financial support to OHS practitioners to obtain and maintain certification (e.g., payment or reimbursement of examination and/or recertification fees, paid time off to take certification examination or attend review course).
  • Supports a CRSP preparatory course being offered on the premises and facilitates staff attendance at the course, or reimburses for attendance at an external review course.
  • Provides continuing education programs or reimburses for attendance at continuing education programs, with paid time off for continuing education activities.
  • Uses CRSP certification as a criterion on the career ladder/advancement program.
  • Pays differential or bonus for CRSP certification.
  • Support and encourage CRSPs to serve on BCRSP committees.

2. Encourages OHS leaders to mentor OHS practitioners in professional development and promote CRSP certification.

  • OHS leaders are recognized/rewarded for the certification of CRSPs whom they have mentored.
  • Organization/department has a formal mentoring program for CRSP examination preparation, and certification maintenance.

3. Publicly recognizes CRSPs in the workplace.

  • Publishes names of CRSP certified professionals in company newsletter and/or in public/employee areas, or website (intranet or externally)
  • Sponsors an event to honour CRSPs
  • Places plaques with the names of CRSPs where the public/employees can view them.
  • Displays certification credentials on name badges and business cards.

4. Supports activities related to OHS certification that have influence beyond the organization, with impact felt in the community or province, nationally or internationally.

  • Activities to promote CRSP certification to the public.
  • Actively supports CRSPs to participate voluntarily in health and safety associations, community groups, or charitable causes.

Organization/Employer may be nominated by an employee or other another stakeholder.

How to Apply

Click on the following links:

Deadline for nominations is September 28.